Monday, May 11, 2009
Knock Knock
Soonish Ill make a post.... I forgot i even had this! Much has happened in the very short (1 year) vacation I have taken from this thing.
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Tuesday, March 11, 2008
Cold Weather stinks
I'm sitting at home and Buie fell asleep so I have nothing
to do. I'm on spring break too so I'm feeling a little blogging.

I am home because I want to get MOM out of the house because
it'll be a week since her surgery and I think she shouldn't have
a problem and NEEDS to get out. She has made nice bounds from
when she came out of surgery until now though. She better not
be getting surgery anytime soon again though because for me,
spending 14 hours at a hospital without a comfy bed stinks.
The validated parking and the pancakes weren't bad though.
ANYWAY.....what better than the mall and some Olive Garden.
I'm predicting she complains and doesn't want Olive Garden
when it comes time though. I'm really craving some all you
can eat soup salad and breadsticks. Specifically, some Zuppa
Tuscana soup. Highly recommended.

The reason for the mall trip is also because my phone just
FELL APART. I loved that phone until about a month ago when
a couple buttons started acting up and last weekend it was
closed a little violently. and by that I mean I'm sticking up
for the phone because it wasn't violent at all. but all week it
was making a clicking sound until finally a piece came off and
the flip was just hanging there. then last night i dropped it on
CARPET and it just broke in half. It was hardly aided in the process
and I'm steamed about it.

After a little retirement period I'm back to playing baseball.
I walked on to the RMU club baseball team. It's part of the NCBA
at There is pretty much 3 classifications of
college sports. First is the highest degree of the NCAA, then
comes club, the comes intramurals. I had some time due to my
smaller workload this semester, although the classes seem to be
getting really tough, so i decided to give it a try. I havn't
been able to to use aluminum bats for a few years (the league
i played in the past couple years is wooden bat) so I wanted
to jump at the opportunity. Hopefully I can make some updates
on here as the season rolls along. RMU baseball shirts for 10
bucks if anyone wants one!!!!

As for my schedule:
(three hours of online testing due every week Saturday at midnight)
Sport in American Society
Intro to Casino Gaming operations
(yes it is as fun as it sounds, we learn how to play and cheat card games alot)
Java Programming
(Probably my favorite class because it is really challenging but has an amazing sense of completion when you actually code a working program)
Management Theory and Practice

Robert Morris Basketball got upset in our conference tournament
on sunday. We were the #1 seed and had we won on sunday, we
would have went to the championship game on Wednesday. Winning
our conference tournament give us an automatic bid to the
NCAA march madness tournament which would have been a huge
deal for RMU. Another interesting fact is that ESPN would have
been at RMU for the championship game because they are telecasting
it and we had home court advantage throughout the tournament.
ANOTHER fact is that I was scheduled to shoot a half court
shot for 2 round trip airline tickets to anywhere that US
airlines flies. I had the option between sunday or Wednesday
and since Wednesday would have been on ESPN, i risked holding
off until then...and of course my luck is unfair to me and we
lost. I estimate that i could make that half court shot 1/5
times which i think were good odds.

I think i should quit because im starting to consistently not capitalize my I's.

I feel I owed my viewer (s) a long post.
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Saturday, October 06, 2007
Well, Friday started off early. Got up and got spiffed up for that
Sport Management Conference that ended up being pretty helpful. It
lasted about 8 hours butt it wasn't too bad to endure. A professor
from last year that I liked and got to knew was a speaker there and
they have internships at the high school he works at. He is the
Athletic Director at his school and I think im going to pursue the
idea of interning there.

Good News aside from the main topics:
I won the RMU rock paper scissors tournament and was awarded a $25
gift certificate to best buy. My hard work and extensive training
the past 2 weeks paid off. That money will not be used on poorly,
I am putting money down on the new guitar hero for its release.

Anyway, after that long conference i had to get back here at home,
eat, get dressed into some other spiffy clothes, and head back over
to around campus because i escorted a friend of mine for homecoming.
Fridays was the dance portion that went really well, my date didn't
win but I'm almost positive we looked the best.

Saturday was our homecoming game which I also had to escort at, at
halftime. It was about 150 degrees out and i had yet another set of
spiffy clothes on. It wasn't amazingly bad and enduring to be in
those clothes in that kind of heat UNTIL after halftime, I'm not sure
why but thats when it started getting really hot. Anyway once again
we probably looked the best but knew she wasn't the winner, I don't
think she really cared though. Mom and brother stopped by to hang out
at the game and mom made it a point to be THAT photographer mom. yes,
THAT one. haha, actually she wasn't too bad, it just seemed like she
was taking pictures of her son that was running for homecoming queen.
Overall it was nice to have them come up and see our football game
atmosphere which is pretty nice. After that i started to get really
hot and miserable so i went and got some food, watched the penguins
get the first win of the young season (WHICH I'M EXCITED ABOUT). Just
wish i could get some tickets for them.

This was "Oh, there is my mom just look the other way." No, I was not staring at her BREASTS

Thats everyone i think.


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Anyway since this is my longest post ever i feel like i should stop.
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Thursday, October 04, 2007
Just a heads up

* $50 prize
o Mediterranean Avenue and Baltic Avenue - Odds are 1 in 33,616
* $100 prize
o Reading Railroad, Short Line, B&O Railroad, and Pennsylvania Railroad - 1 in 2,094,076
* $500 prize
o Connecticut, Avenue Vermont Avenue, and Oriental Avenue - 1 in 33,752,584
* $1,000 prize
o Virginia Avenue, States Avenue, and St. Charles Place - 1 in 33,752,584
* $5,000 prize
o New York Avenue, Tennessee Avenue, and St. James Place - 1 in 168,762,143
* $10,000 prize
o Illinois Avenue, Indiana Avenue, and Kentucky Avenue - 1 in 56,069,351
* $25,000 prize
o Marvin Gardens, Ventnor Avenue, and Atlantic Avenue - 1 in 186,829,657
* $50,000 prize
o Pennsylvania Avenue, North Carolina Avenue, and Pacific Avenue - 1 in 186,829,657
* $1,000,000 prize
o Boardwalk and Park Place - 1 in 184,698,474. This one is different in that there are 3 prizes “seeded” over the course of the game. One of three winning pieces (Boardwalk) will be released during week 2 (10/9/07-10/15/07), week 3 (10/16/07-10/22/07) and week 4 (10/23/07-10/29/07).


^Those are the rare ones. So go find those and win us some meny.
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Thursday, September 27, 2007
Get In Shape
I went to that career expo and it wasnt bad, but of the 100 different
booths that were there, only 4 or 5 of them pertained to my major so
it wasnt very useful to me. Nevertheless i got some stuff and dished
out my resume to some companies.
I'm trying to focus more on this Sport Management conference that
occurs on October 5th because its all about my major and alot of useful
people will be speaking all day for it. I suppose ill have to bring my A
game for it?

The weekend agenda will consist of Pirate games, an RMU football
game, and stressful NFL sunday rooting for the players on my fantasy
team. I lost this past week to put me at 2-1 so hopefully i can bounce
back with a win. A friend of mine that graduated with my brother who
was in California all summer may visit so that should be fun.

I will leave you with a video that motivated me to eat right.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007
Well i think I'm done being sick. But now I got swamped with work. I'll manage.

I went home to see the mom for her BDay and to visit the dog and make fun of the brother after he got his wisdom teeth out. An overall successful trip.

This week: -I have a meeting with my departments internship director
-The career expo is on Thursday which, this year, im actually
making an attempt to make an impression and get myself out
there. The thing is, my resume is pretty weak since i didn't have
an internship or anything yet.
- Ah that reminds me that i have to turn in a form for a big sport
management conference in october. Being on this thing can be beneficial i guess.
this conference is a pretty big one, Robert Morris brings some pretty big
names to their conferences. this year there are alot of Pirate people, Orlando
Magic people and some main guy from the nations biggest radio station?.
Anyway it is $40 bucks for RMU students and I guess conferences like this
run for hundreds of dollars anywhere else. Time to spiff up and act important0
for a day!.

All for now, got to go to class.
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Saturday, September 15, 2007
Month #1 as a Junior

ACCT2060-G Managerial Accounting M W 08/27-12/15/07 04:00 pm-05:15 pm Hale Center 303 **

ELIT1060-B Reading Literature: Myths T R 08/27-12/15/07 03:30 pm-04:45 pm Hale Center 105 **

SOCI2320-A Contemporary Amer Social Prob T R 08/27-12/15/07 02:00 pm-03:15 pm Hale Center 106 **

SPMG3402-C2 Sport Promotions/Marketing W 08/27-12/15/07 06:00 pm-08:50 pm Hale Center 202 **

MARK4265-D Technology Topics and Issues T 08/27-12/15/07 06:00 pm-08:50 pm Hale Center 209 **
Traffic Light SPMG1311-A Commercial Sport T R 08/27-12/15/07 11:00 am-12:15 pm Hale Center 106 **
So that is my schedule for this semester. I'm kinda busy between
that and working on the intramural staff. I may find time here and
there to post on this though.

Well, I'm getting sick i think which stinks and I need to get to sleep
but I didn't want to put this off much more.

Whats new?
*I live in an apartment with a couple friend in Bellvue which is a little
far off campus than what I'd like. I plan on moving closer next semester.
*Mom made a nice investment and got Buie's teeth cleaned.
*Steeler season starting which means fantasy football is up and running
which was very fun week 1
*I instant messaged our good friend JuJubee and I got a response of "Who is this"
and my screen name basically says my name so I'm feeling pretty crappy about that.

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